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harrison bdp – grand cru paris guest mix #12

released on grand cru paris, 2017.03.15

ok shoot when those synthy pianoy w-w-wobs come in just wow

and they come in a lot

sounds_like ross from friends, almost four tet’s housier stuff

listen_to : at a house party in a small house


scissorwork – i’ve seen the life on this planet [ep]

released by the other planet, 2017.03

vinyl : the mixtape shop
vinyl : deejay

fuzzy thumper

hazy wubs

sounds_like : ross from friends, baltra, dj seinfeld

listen_to : skateboarding home from school

kerala dust – late sun [ep]

released on Laut & Luise, 2017.02.10

decks: goo.gl/Ui0bL5
juno: goo.gl/5EOxzq
beatport: goo.gl/NQbiCl

moves along, head nod shit

dark twang

sounds_like: darkside, nicolas jaar, stavroz, four tet

listen_to: after midnight


stavroz – talabout [ep]

released on laut & luise, 2016.10.08

itunes : apple.co/2hJI2St
beatport : btprt.dj/2hGVtiY
spotify : bit.ly/2hJHCeI
vinyl : www.decks.de/t/stavroz-talabout_ep/c7t-ur

eery, worldly

spiritual storytelling

timeless, dimensionless

sounds_like: nicolas jaar, nicola cruz, four tet, kerala dust

listen_to: in the forest