Tagged: glitch

wall fuck – flume (gramatik & ramzoid remix)

released 2017.04.18

she doesn’t even like trap

sounds_like : ryan hemsworth, trippy turtle, sam gellaitry

listen_to : as a bedroom anthem


sunsquabi – deluxe

released by all good records, 2017.04.04

international space station r&r

mellow bop bops

sounds_like : griz, manic focus, flamingosis,

listen_to : with xenon, girl of the 21st century

sëturday – study jams n jellies

hip hop beats to long-build house to downtempo glitch to fuzzy head nodders

happy finals to all


clozee + charlesthefirst – the mist

released 2017.03.09


wade through

don’t look

sounds_like : thriftworks, russ liquid, bumble, psymbionic, tipper

listen_to : when you’re scared


thriftworks – the feather and the sword [ep]

released on 2017.03.06

free/donation : bandcamp

spiritual dream weaving

sounds_like : russ liquid, clozee, charlesthefirst, bumble

listen_to : explore


geek x vrv – btos, vol. 4 [lp]

released on embrace records, 2017.03.03

smooth samples

gentle glitch

sounds_like : late night radio (vinyl restoration), artifakts, pretty lights

listen_to : sitting around, smokin weed