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treavor moontribe b2b anton tumas @lib2018

lasers bouncing off oak trees, chasing spooky shadows that you’ll never catch, it’s the FAVELA vibe

sounds_like: perfect stranger, maceo plex, richie hawtin meets merkaba (ish)

listen_to: hyper-speed mole-rat tunneling


spacegeishA – otherworld gangsta [mix]

intergalactic prayers .. shit’s heavy. you have to be ready to go fast and hard and parts are too much – yanking the threads from your ears in all directions. and then it gets faster. took a break after with some hendrix.

sounds_like: goopsteppa, feeltrip, kalya scintilla

listen_to: underground, and above earth

nicola cruz – visiones mc031 [remix pack]

released on multi culti, 2017.03.06

spotify : visiones

refracted sound

enter the jungle void

slap the wood together

from an attendee of a heart-opening ceremony on the second track : “gratitude is not a gesture, it is an inevitable state of spiritual being…i cannot help but smile to myself and know that the cosmos will always respond to my wishes with untold abundance. killer bassline, btw”

sounds_like : bomba estéreo, soundtrack to ecstatic dance

listen_to : with a rafiki walking stick in hand