Category: indie electronic

nick murphy – missing link [ep]

released on opulent records, 2017.05.09


this ain’t chet faker

sounds_like : james blake, bonobo, jagwar ma

listen_to : when ur still an angsty teen, but like sliiiiightly more mature about it (me) #wizardangst


alt-J – 3ww


released on canvasback music, 2017.03.06

single off the upcoming album relaxer, out 2017.06.09

spotify : 3ww

“i just want to love you in my own language”

abstractly…erotic – NPR music

sounds_like : ben howard, bon iver, glass animals, wolf alice

listen_to : while burning wood



temples – strange or be forgotten (jono ma remix)

released 2017.01.31

melt , under the sun

sounds_like: jagwar ma, strfkr, gigamesh, i’lls

listen_to: driving to the water


polo & pan – canopée [ep]

released on Hamburger Records & Ekler’O’shock, 2016

spotify : polo & pan – canopee
soundcloud go : polo & pan – canopee
facebook : polo & pan – canopee

space jungle

bamboo boppin

sounds_like: xylophones

listen_to: on a hammock